Lexus LC 500

Lexus LC 500 – Is Lexus’s new coupe just released & it is Lexus’s most powerful V8 ever. The Lexus LC 500 will be available as a convertible & hard top, & will cost £76,595 in the UK. Check out the Lexus LC 500 Specs, plus, view LC 500H colours.

The interior of the Lexus LC 500 combines elegance with the enclosure of the cockpit, especially by the handle on the right side of the centre console, which may make it much more difficult for the co-driver to reach the controls. This can be a plus if you often drive someone who does not leave the room in different settings, but it can also make it difficult for the co-driver to set the temperature for half his car.

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The Lexus LC 500 cab was designed so that the driver's hips are as close as possible to the centre of gravity of the car, the press release said. The Lexus LC 500 seats offer comfort for long journeys, but also a lot of support for a sharp curve, and sports seats will be available at extra charge to keep the body even better. And both versions can be covered with leather or Alcantara, just like the rest of the LEXUS LC 500 interior.


Look out for all the latest electronics with Lexus Multimedia's improved infotainment. Based on this, Pioneer's audio will be developed specifically for Lexus LC 500, and the Mark Levinson system will be available for audio. The Lexus Safety System + will feature on board the Adaptive Cruise Control with the ability to run in a jam, active lane maintenance, or automatic high beam headlights.


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The Lexus LC 500 stands on a new platform from the corporate GA-L family, which is modular and will be the basis for the next generation of other sedans and coupé brands that will have a front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. The main goal of this platform is to get heavy things, i.e. engine and people on board, as low as possible and as close as possible to the centre of the car for the best possible handling. The Lexus LC 500 will probably sit rather low in the car.